It all started way back when...

...I grew up in a small computer with a single browser where all the bookmarks were just there one place, like little lawn gnomes, of which I was one, but that's another story.

Anyway, one day I realize that none of my bookmark friends were able to get together and play tag. You know, that game where you run around and you tap a person on the shoulder and say "tag" and they run around and do the same and well, it gets rather dizzying.

It was in this moment of dizzying frenzy that I realized that if the bookmarks could always be playing tag, then I, as their overlord, would be able to coordinate them and make them do their bidding based on whatever diabolical scheme I had. The social bookmarks could arm themselves with the other social bookmarks, and the photo bookmarks could get together and make an album of everything, and the food bookmarks, well... you get the picture.

With that knowledge I realized that with this power I could finally rule the world... well, at least a small part of it at least, I'm not greedy. So with that knowledge I built... the bookmarkinator!!!! The bookmark collaborator and randominator so powerful that I will take over the entire tri-browser area!!!